Cancellation Policy

Jacket Base provides a cancellation procedure for customers who meet certain criteria in order to better meet their needs and requirements. In order to avoid confusion and delays, please read the following policies thoroughly before placing your order.

Our cancellation policy requires the client to first meet these conditions:

  • If the customer wants to cancel an order, they must do so before the shipment leaves the warehouse. If the order has already shipped, we cannot cancel it.

Customers who meet the above criteria and apply for our cancellation program will receive a refund in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

  • If a customer requests a cancellation and we don’t start working on their order or use any company resources to do so within 24 hours, the customer will receive a full refund.
  • If a customer requests cancellation of an order after 48 hours, they will receive 70% of their money back because the process has already begun.
  • If a customer requests cancellation of an order after it has already been shipped, they will not be eligible to canceled the order.
  • Our cancellation policies have been carefully thought out, and we hope you’ll agree that they’re reasonable. We promise to meet all of your needs and preferences as closely as possible at all times.

Please be patient with us as we respond to the hundreds of emails we receive each day in an effort to address your concerns. This is why our response time may be as long as 12 hours.

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